The Main Libre Demo dropping NOVEMBER.
During the recording of this demo, I kept telling my producer + friend, Owen, that I wanted to keep an open hand. I didn't want to try + control the creativity - I wanted it to flow through my fingers so the music could reveal itself the way it wanted to be heard. This open handed concept has translated into other areas of my life as well - I'm running after my dreams in the fullest expression without holding on too tight to the outcome or steps along the way. Main Libre = Free Hand in French, + this musical composition is just that, free-handed. <3 
I cannot wait to share it with you.
The Main Libre Demo:
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A brand new blog is coming to town!  I'm going to be writing + vlogging about my music, my business, + the constant struggle to achieve my dreams.  I'm hoping it will encourage you to follow yours.

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"Its not revolutions + upheavals that clear the road to... better days, but revelations, + lavishness... of someone's soul, inspired + ablaze.
Boris Pasternak, poet
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